Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Coming Assault On Public Lands

This battle will be over before the Democratic Party knows what's going on.

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The shadowy American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, an organization funded by the likes of the notorious Koch Brothers, BP, Exxon-Mobil, Shell, Coca Cola and other industry titans that drafts ready-made legislation for conservative state and federal legislators, is now going after public lands.

ALEC is behind the "stand your ground" laws passed in 33 Republican controlled states and laws Republicans have used to attack public unions, among others.

Now it is providing state legislatures with canned bills the aim of which is to take ownership of public lands held by the federal government. Such bills have already been introduced in Utah and Arizona, according to Reader Supported News.

Once public lands are in state control, Republicans can easily hand them over to the private sector.

So far, ALEC has operated, as they say, under the radar. I've only heard about it in what you'd call the alternative media, but there is beginning to be a growing body of information about it, much of it condensed at ALEC Exposed.

The Republicans are acting in lockstep, nationally, at all levels of government to hand government, public education, Social Security, medicare, and everything about American life over to the corporations. They own the public debate, which allows them to take control of government at all levels, and they are now making good use of their power. The Democratic Party doesn't even show up. It isn't even in the ball game, and going to the polls to give them your vote, and turning what power you have over to them, is just wasting your time. See you down at Occupy Wall Street.


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