Saturday, May 26, 2012

Note: There are two new additions at my Greatest Rock And Roll Since Moses page on the right side of this page. This is free music on which the copyright has expired and can be downloaded, free, from here, for free.

First is a compilation of 14 songs including The Isley Brothers' Twist and Shout, Jerry Lee Lewis' Breathless and Gene Chandler's Duke of Earl, possibly the best performance of the best vocal arrangement in history.

If you can listen to those first few introductory bars of Twist and Shout without jumping up and flailing about, or dancing, one or the other, you are probably dead. Listen closely to this recording. It has that unique rhythmic structure that caused so many groups to try to cover this song. It's an almost slow, chugging along beat, but feels faster because of the momentum created by what's going on during the backbeat, the what you might call 'pregnant pauses' alternating with those relentless three note runups to the downbeat. This recording has an ad lib, spontaneous feel, because that's how they recorded it. They don't even get the words right sometimes, but this is a great recording of a great song.

Also, I added 33 songs by The Boppers of Stockholm, Sweden, that can be downloaded individually; their covers of some 50s Rock and Roll classics and not so classics. Some you may enjoy, some not. I don't really like them all but some are really good and you know these old farts love Rock and Roll.

Covers can be better than the original, and in fact there's a popular podcast, Coverville, devoted solely to covers. It's very well put together and it can be quite fun to hear different version of songs you already are familiar with.

Among these 33 by The Boppers are songs like Jeannie's Coming Back and Gonna Find My Angel that have actually been written in recent years but in the style of 50s music but are among my favorites. These tend to be the studio recordings, with orchestration, the good arrangements, etc.

Mainly though what you have is these Swedish guys' interpretation of music they and I love.  While in America, young people are listening to Frank Sinatra -- Sinatra fer crissakes, a thug, who could not hit a note, he slid into every note, his daughter Nancy is much better than he was, and he didn't have any range or power, either, hell, I sing better. Of course, I'm not Sinatra, and that's the main difference between me and Sinatra, he's Sinatra, I'm not -- but young people in America are listening to Sinatra and old people are sitting on the couch getting fat and watching Fox News and Dancing With The Has Beens, and the Swedes just keep on boppin' to the Boppers.

Coming soon: Running for middle aged and senior citizens. I'm working on this now. It's another web log but I will link to it here.

Anyone can start running at any age. It's a very good way to keep the heart, the cardiovascular system, the spleen, the gizzard, all of it, in very good shape and it's a very good way to keep the weight off.

It will tell you how to ease into running effortlessly and have a couple simple exercises you can do that will help you avoid injuries. It's basically what I've learned and figured out.

It's all pretty simple, really. You start walking. Then one day, when no is looking, run a little. Then, a day or two later, run a little more. When I took up running about seven years ago I could barely run 50 feet, but next thing you know you'll be running for 20 minutes, then an hour, up steep hills, in the sand, in any kind of heat or humidity. This part isn't so easy, and keeping in the habit isn't always easy and sometimes I have to force myself to get out there, but you'll be in shape enough to do it, and the satisfaction from knowing you can do it at your age is pretty satisfying, and you don't need no stinking badges, no stinking doctors, no fancy stinking running pants, just you and your will. I do recommend good running shoes, which will cost around $80 or $100, but you won't really need those right away, not until your time and distance start to increase.


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