Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why Do They Hate Our Freedoms?

Former President George W Bush, as have many others, told us that they hate our freedoms, but did not speculate as to why. There's an article reprinted at Reader Supported News from the New York Times that talks about some poetry that was found among the papers of Osama bin Laden. It reproduces this poem by Yusuf Abu Hilala, which it says bin Laden used in a statement he released shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Though the clothes of darkness enveloped us and the poisoned tooth bit us

Though our homes overflowed with blood and the assailant desecrated our land

Though from the squares the shining of swords and horses vanished

And sound of drums was growing

The fighters' winds blew, striking their towers and telling them:

We will not cease our raids until you leave our fields.

 The article's author, Faisal Devji, chalks this poem up to a preoccupation "with what they see as Islam's long and global history of conflict with Christendom" and misses or perhaps willfully ignores the obvious point of the poem. It's not our freedoms they hate. It's us being in their fields; ARAMCO and Exxon-Mobil being in their oil fields, for example. Zionists being in the fields of the Palestinians.

It's the US Fifth Fleet being in a harbor in Baharain a few miles off the coast of Saudi Arabia, US troops and CIA being stationed in the holy land of Saudi Arabia, and in Iraq and Afghanistan after destroying those countries. It's Egypt's corrupt military taking aid from the Americans to oppress the people of Egypt and help Zionism oppress the people of Palestine. It's the Crusades, then and now. Stupid.


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