Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yesterday Evening At The Club

I've posted this picture before but I like it so much I'm posting it again, and we can't be reminded often enough of what it's saying. 

I just came across it again a web site called Set You Free News (subtitled Breaking The Chains Of Enslavement.) I haven't seen the web site before and don't know where it comes from but it has an interesting mix of stories. Right now I'm reading one from Pravda, which says that if the US needs a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, Russian needs one in Latin America. Can't argue with that.

Another article is an account of a speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallh in which he says Hezbollah can now hit "specific targets" in Tel Aviviv (I'll be darned) while another reveals that London police plan to use US-made sonic crowd control weapons during the upcoming Olympics. On each other, I hope, but they probably plan to use them against the citizens of London.

Clicking on the banners at the top of the site -- World - Economy - Conflict - Environment - Science & Tech - Police State  -- gives you a handy lists of stories with handy summaries of each. I say the site is interesting because it's unusual to see such disparate stories, bringing together strands not often brought together, in one place, but also, because with headings like Police State, the people or person who edits the site give legitimacy to a part of the dialogue, that section of the discussion where conspiracy theories and alarm bells are sounded, where many on the Left fear to tread.

As you wade out through the surf, you encounter many strange and alarming things. Some aren't really real. Some are and you don't want them to be. Our judgment is affected by various things, such as a desire for legitimacy. We confer legitimacy, on others, and ourselves. 

Meanwhile Here In New Mexico

Several people have been attacked lately by Pit Bull dogs. One dog, owned by the family it attacked, killed a 16-month old child.

These dog attacks occur fairly regularly here, but there's never an outcry or a move to regulate dogs. You might say we have a Stand Your Ground law and it applies to dogs, too.

If you pass through certain neighborhoods here, every yard is fenced and as you pass it, a Pit Bull rushes toward the fence. The houses are small and unpainted. There are no gardens, no grass, just cars that don't work, debris, and a thick layer of the dust that blows in from the desert. The smaller the house, the bigger the dog.

These same neighborhoods are where most of the police shootings occur. There are many, many shootings of unarmed people by the police here. There's no outcry about that, either. The Police State is reproduced on a smaller scale. The smaller the people, the bigger the police.


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