Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The chart speaks for itself. The share of the American Pie going to the bottom 90 percent -- that's us, the blue segment -- is getting smaller, and the share going to the people who were already doing very well is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

This chart also clears up some confusion. It's occasionally announced that income during a given period has increased. I said that myself only recently. As the chart shows, the average income, the total, combined income of everyone, has gone up, but none of that increase ever goes to us anymore. Zero.

The chart roughly covers the era of Neoliberalism. Supply side economics. Tax cuts for the rich, weakened unions, declining social services. The era of Reaganomics. The era we are in now. So this has been going on under Republicans and under Democrats. Some on the Left have been saying the crippling austerity being forced on the Greeks and the Spanish is the blueprint they're getting ready for us. Forget that. It's already here. They're doing it. They have been since Ronald Reagan. Both parties.

And if this has happened under both parties, tell me what the difference is between them. Social issues? Is that the difference? Immigrant kids can go to college? And be poor. Women can marry each other, get jobs they didn't used to, and be poor. African Americans can live anywhere they choose, and be poor.

If we want a future, folks, if we want our kids and our grand kids to have a future, it's not going to be found within the existing political order. Our future is in the streets. Our future depends on seizing control of the economy, of the banks, of the factories, of the workplaces, of the schools, of the transportation system, of the resources, of the commonwealth.

Others have done it. Many have risen up and won. They did it in Tunisia. The Egyptians did it. The Libyans, the countries that used to make up Yugoslavia, the South Sudanese, many former African colonies did it. 

It won't be easy. They will send the police after us. The police will obey them. People will die. People will lose their livelihoods. There will be upheaval. They are not going to give up their privileges. We will have to take them, ourselves, and divide them up, amongst ourselves, ourselves. We'll have to figure all of it out as we go along. First, we'll have to figure out that we have more power than they can imagine, and when we figure that out, it will be all over.

Remember one thing. We're Americans. We were born in revolution.


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