Monday, June 25, 2012


The Farm Bill has passed the Senate, without requirements that we be allowed to know what our food is laced with as outlined below, but with provisions explicitly prohibiting lottery winners from receiving food stamps. Maybe now we can balance the budget.

The food stamp program (AFDC - Aid for Families With Dependent Children), which has seen a big increase in users during the worst economy since the Great Depression, was itself cut by $4.5 billion. Most food stamp recipients are White, but as long as Republicans have successfully planted it in peoples' minds that they are Black, no big outcry is warranted.

Besides, we're talking about poor people, and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was only echoing the general sentiment we adopt when we have to think of things like this when he said, about being poor, during that debate, "Blame yourself."

Why should we buy food for poor children when we can keep taxes low on the rich, and that money instead of being wasted can be earning interest in the foreign bank accounts of rich people like Jaimie Diamond and Mitt Romney?

Anyway, those provisions were only in the bill passed by the Democratic controlled Senate. The Republican controlled House of Representatives takes up the bill next.


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