Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Tribute

I've been hearing non stop Olympic mania all week on the BBC while I drive through the night. (The Brits, God love 'em, do mania in the most annoying way you can imagine.) I've seen a headline or two referring to the overblown pageantry of the opening ceremonies, and ignored those. I've put up with endless chatter about how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney went over there to associate himself with the glory of it all and ended up making a fool of himself and embarrassing the United States (a monumental accomplishment, if you think about it.)

Then I saw this headline.

London 2012: Welcome to the Idiot Games


Thank you. Finally, one worth reading.


(Click on the headline to read the story, by Tanya Gold, of the Guardian, UK.) 


Willard Mitt Romney outside 10 Downing St - Getty images



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