Thursday, August 9, 2012

And Republicans Know It

Having predicted that Barak Obama will easily win reelection I've turned my attention to other things like East Timor and getting out of this apartment I've been renting for the past four years, which is owned by the poster children for Vulture Capitalism and run by a woman who implements their objective of getting ever more money out of the tenants in a way that satisfies her masochistic tenancies -- in other words she's a typical member of the managerial class.

An article by a conservative writer says Mitt Romney is losing because of the ultra conservative positions he had to take to win the Republican primaries over ultra right wing nut jobs like doddering Rick Perry and quivering Rick Santorum. True, and the Occupy Wall Street movement woke enough Americans up to the fact of the royal screwing they've gotten that they are not going to bend over and grab their ankles this time around.

In East Timor, which had been brutally colonialized and occupied for hundreds of years and won independence ten years ago, they recenly held their third elections and the parties are now negoatiating to see who forms a coalition government with whom. The elections were free of fraud, according to international observors.

The last two US election have not been free of fraud, and the Republican Party has been at it again already, trying to disenfranchise as many Democratic voters as it can with mass voter roll purges and voter i.d. laws. I'd be tempted to offer to my Obama wins prediction the caveat that the Republican Party won those last two elections through fraud. But those were close elections. This election would have to be close for the Republicans to win again by fraud, and it isn't going to be very close. There are indications already that Obama is starting to pull away.

Remember that Obama is smart enough to have gone from a pot smoking community organizer to a one-term US Senator to being the first Black president in a country that is steeped in racism.

 (note: Learn more about East Timor from the Latin Radical podcast. Subscribe at the web log where there is also information about East Timor.

When I started listening to the Latin Radical podcast he was in Venezuela talking about the Bolivarian Revolution. He's from Australia, and in East Timor he's been interviewing, besides the East Timorese people, other Australians who are part of the East Timor solidarity network. It's a delight listening to the Australians. They are very well informed and unlike many Americans, what they do is not all about themselves. When they go to a place like East Timor they are not already imagining what they will say and look like in news reports about them going there.

I've been listening to the Latin Radical for five years or so and I don't even know the guy's name. He never mentions his name and his name and photographs of him aren't not splashed all over the web log. There are a couple of names on the "About" page, and one of them could be him or it could not.


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