Friday, August 31, 2012

Coup Rove

This is Karl Rove, erstwhile adviser to George W Bush and now big money Republican financier, who some are saying is now bigger than the Republican Party itself. I've seen pictures of Rove before and in this one he somehow looks different. Maybe it's the green tie. It was posted on the web site Down With Tyranny.

Author Craig Unger, who has followed Rove's career for years, was interviewed this week about his latest book about Rove (scroll down for a transcript). It's a startling story of big money, dirty tricks, ruined careers and big money. Rove and those around him are not interested in democracy, only power. Many of the tactics Republicans are now using to win elections by cheating originated in Karl Rove's brain. Those methods include launching criminal investigations against political opponents, purging voter roles, and requiring voters to obtain a "voter id" before voting. New Mexicans are familiar with some of these tactics. Prominent Republicans Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici have participated in them. Governor Susanna Matinez this week was enlisted to speak at the Republican National Convention, which is said to have been designed by Rove.

Republicans, especially Rove, know they have a huge demographic problem as the US moves toward being a White minority country. Cheating by Republicans could only be the beginning as Whites begin to feel their power and privilege slip away.

Meanwhile here are some pictures I came across on Facebook of beautiful sunsets.

Pictures except Karl Rove from Albert Taylor's Facebok page.


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