Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning supporters urge you to email the Obama campaign or call them at 312-698-3670 and ask why Manning hasn't been released.

The campaign records the subject of inquiries and Manning's supporters are trying to leverage the presidential campaign in their struggle to free Manning, 24, who has been held in prison by President Obama for more than two years for the crime of promoting democracy.

Actions have concentrated lately on Obama campaign headquarters around the country including this one in Austin, TX, located conveniently close to a source of hamburgers and tenderloin sandwiches. It was one of a series of protests that coincided with the Democratic National Convention where Obama, who was elected president after promising "the most transparent government in history," was nominated for a second term.

Running "the most transparent government in history" so far has included a record number of prosecutions of government whistleblowers under the Espionage Act, twice as many as all other presidents combined.

To be fair, when Barak Obama promised to run "the most transparent government in history" it's possible he wasn't talking about the history of the United States. Maybe when he said "the most transparent government in history" he was talking about the history of the Soviet Union under Stalin.

The court martial against Manning has been delayed repeatedly, most recently after Manning's attorney filed a motion asking that charges against him be dropped because Manning has been held in punitive detention for more than two years under conditions the UN has equated to torture.

Manning has been transferred to the US Army prison in Forth Leavenworth, KS, further from the media spotlight and his attorney. When he was being held in Guantanamo-like solitary confinement at the Marine base in Quantico, VA, supporters held constant protests outside the entrance and his Washington DC based lawyer could easily visit him.

Manning is charged with leaking thousands of classified US government cables to the whistleblower web site Wikileaks. The leaks have provided insight into US government diplomacy and militarism, most starkly perhaps with a cockpit video showing the murder of civilians in Iraq.  Some credit the leaks at least in part to initiating the Arab Spring uprisings, which began soon after cables were released revealing corruption by the government of Tunisia. The leaks have provided valuable insight to media and activists around the world into things they previously didn't know about their own governments.

 More information is available at Free Bradley Manning.


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