Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can Bill Clinton Help The Dallas Cowboys Win?

Many headlines in the past two days have announced that organically grown meat and produce isn't any better for you than the standard stuff, based on a study released by Standford University that finds that organic foods on average don't contain more vitamins that other foods.

I don't know anyone who eats organic foods because they think they contain more vitamins. People buy organic because it's not laced with deadly chemicals (confirmed by the study but absent from the headlines), chemicals the food industry uses for pesticides and to speed up growth. People buy organic because it hasn't been genetically engineered, the consequences of which aren't known because the government has never made the food industry do any studies about it.

In the case of meat and poultry people buy organic because it hasn't been pumped full of growth hormones designed to make it balloon up as fast and as big as possible, just so it can be sold quicker for more profit, hormones that people then consume and which some people think is responsible for the obesity that the food industry blames on us and our lifestyle.

People buy organic because they're supporting a different kind of food supply chain, different growers and a different distribution system, all of which are more attuned to the wants and needs of their consumers and which are more likely to be concerned about something besides the bottom line, a system consumers have more control over and input into through food co-ops and farmer's markets.

Stanford, by the way, was founded by the Mitt Romney of his day, Leland Stanford, described in Wikipedia as a "railroad tycoon," and is a pretty conservative place. It's the home of the Hoover Institution, the ultra conservative think tank that puts out a lot of the propaganda you hear coming out of the mouths of Republican politicians. The Hoover Institution produced and continues to produce much of the propaganda that under girds Neoliberalism, the ongoing attack by Capitalism on the working class, which includes what we used to call the Middle Class but which thanks to Neoliberalism is quickly disappearing.

Condoleeza Rice teaches at Stanford.

(Note: On this day, former president Bill Clinton will be making a speech at the Democratic National Convention.)

(Note: On this day the National Football League season opens with a game between the Super Bowl winners the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, who haven't won a Super Bowl since Herbert Hoover was president.)


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