Sunday, September 16, 2012

You Can't Hide Your Ryan Eyes

Thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide your Ryan lies

                                                        The Eagles

Paul Ryan's burgeoning reputation for telling lies may yet overshadow his reputation as an Ayn Rand-influenced right wing wacko eager to devastate the living standards of working Americans to serve the interests of the rich.

Paul Ryan - R (WI)

Juan Cole has assembled a list of the Top 10 Repeated Lies by the Republican vice presidential nominee. They include claiming that Barak Obama was responsible for closing a General Motors plant in Ryan's home of Janesville, WI, that actually closed in 2008 when George W Bush was president.

In the Cole list Ryan falsifies facts about President Obama's achievements. He claims he opposed things he voted for and voted for things he opposed. Cole's list is primarily about the lies Ryan tells about governmental policies. Here are some Ryan lies Cole missed.

1. Ryan keeps claiming that Ronald Reagan freed the slaves.

2. Ryan claims that Barak Obama was born 35 minutes into the animated Walt Disney film Dumbo of the Circus.

3. Ryan insists that a million new jobs were created when congress passed his legislation lowering taxes on cats and dogs.

4. Although there's no evidence he was ever anything but a Republican, Ryan likes to say that having grown up in the union town of Janesville he began life as a Liberal Democrat but became a Republican due to the strength of conservative ideas. He often repeats the claim that he knew Karl Marx and that they had a brief affair during college.

5. Ryan also insists that his hero and ideological godmother Ayn Rand, who was an avowed atheist, was a member of the Catholic church he grew up in in Janesville. The reason he remembers this so well, he insists, is because she was always sitting in the front pew puffing away on a cigarette.

6. Ryan has claimed both to be the father of Snooki's child and its real birth mother.

7. Ryan claims that God directs his every decision, and that is how he knows it's his mission to end Medicare and Social Security. He says that because he takes everything to God in prayer he knows that on some days it's perfectly OK to not wear underwear.

8. Ryan claims that after reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead he was inspired to invent the iPhone.

9. Ryan likes to portray himself as a common man and says he spends lunch hours in his Capital Hill office clipping coupons. He also claims that when he and his wife were newlyweds their first car was a skateboard.

10. As for the success of his marriage, Ryan says the key to it is keeping the romance in it. One way he and his wife achieve this is by shouting "The Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms" to each other during lovemaking.

We're Not Laughing At You, But At Ourselves

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce
                                                                        Karl Marx

There's a saying, "We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you." In the case of the Republican vice presidential nominee, the saying might be somewhat different.

Paul Ryan - R (WI)
Paul Ryan is a natural born buffoon, in that he believes his own bullshit. Such people always undercut themselves and become easy targets. He will enjoy a long political career because he knows how to reinforce the beliefs of a segment of the population who believe their own bullshit, that want so badly to believe that self interest is not self interest, that selfishness is prudence and that fear is patriotism.

For many of the rest of us it delights us more to talk about Ryan's lies than to think about an elderly widow having to come up with more than $6,000 every year to replace what Ryan wants to steal from her Medicaid and give to the wealthy owners of insurance companies, but remember what happened last time a Republican candidate with little chance of winning was forced by the billionaire funders of the Republican party to put a right wing conservative Christian clown on his ticket.

In 2008, Sarah Palin became the teasing, titillating, buffoonish face of the right wing agenda and was blamed when it went down to humiliating defeat, yet in 2010, the year of the tea baggers, dozens of people with views exactly like hers were elected and the right wing took over the entire congress, including the nominally Democratic controlled Senate, which in fact is controlled by fiscal conservatives.

Recall how, early in the Obama Administration, so called Blue Dog Democrats, particularly Max Baucus, exercised complete control over what went into Obamacare. Recall the extension of the so-called "Bush era tax cuts" on the wealthy for four more years as a condition for extending unemployment benefits for a few months.

Recall the paltry size of the stimulus bill, which economists said was too small and which was several times smaller as a proportion of GDP than were stimulus measures enacted by other industrialized nations, including China. The stimulus package Obama put before a hostile congress lifted our economy out of recession, but barely. China's economy grew more rapidly and for a longer time, but it, too, slowed again, eventually, weighed down like the world economy by the US economy.

The ongoing stagnation of the world economy has given Capitalism the opportunity to accelerate the redistribution wealth upward that has been ongoing since the advent of the Reagan Era (documented here repeatedly) by lowering wages and benefits and via the still ongoing massive home foreclosures.

Sarah Palin moved on to the fantasy world of Reality TV and Fox News but her views remained, given voice and a degree of legitimacy by the fans at her rallies who shouted "USA, USA," people who identified with her clownish ability to believe her own bullshit, and were attracted by her beauty, people who, as has been pointed out, were being hurt economically but were convinced that conservative Republican policies were their salvation.

The same combination of characteristics Sarah Palin had make Paul Ryan appealing. He's good looking and believes his own bullshit. He's not afraid to tell it like they'd like it to be, not afraid to pretend that selfishness and fear are really the love and generosity of Jesus Christ, wrapped up in the American flag and entrusted to the Republican Party.

The millions who will vote for Ryan and Romney aren't going anywhere after the election just because Barak Obama will win his second term, any more than will the draconian, pro-wealthy, anti working class views Ryan is peddling, and until there's no more Capitalism, neither will the Capitalist ruling class who will never stop trying to implement them.


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