Monday, October 29, 2012

Meeting Up With Mitt On The Road To Damascus

As the hours tick away until President Obama's reelection, as the brief moment of euphoria Republicans felt after the first debate fades into the past, as the polls right themselves once more, from the Republican side emerge the inevitable signs of desperation and despair.

Old Reagan Administration operative Peggy Noonan now writes a column for the Wall Street Journal, but with no good Republican news to be found she resurrects the first debate in her latest column, more than three weeks after it took place.

And poor Mitt, the devout Mormon who is said to have never drunk a drop or puffed a toke. At least now he knows what a euphoria induced adrenaline hangover feels like. The Romney campaign has resorted to photoshopping pictures of its rallies to make them seem larger than they are, like they were in those heady days after the debate when the momentum was on his side and not against him, when the Republican evangelical masses came out of their Biblical comas and for an exhilarating minute or two lusted for the power that can be obtained by quivering before the flickering image of the powerful male.

See the two pictures below, from the Buzzfeed web site, of a rally in Henderson, NV. Note the width of the arena in the top, nonphotoshopped photo, and in the bottom one. Part of the arena and crowd have been copied and pasted so as to widen the arena. Note the supports that hold up the roof in the bottom photo.

I cut out a part of the bottom photo that includes a "Romney 2012" banner hanging form the rafters,, which is visible from the back in the photo, and enlarged and reversed it.

The Freedom Info Network web site goes into some detail analyzing the photoshopping, but even here you can see the duplicated letters, the beams ending in mid air. It's tempting to raise the issue of the Romney campaign's dishonesty, but what interests me more at this point is the sloppiness. What was the thinking when they decided it would be sufficient to send it out like that? "It don't matter anyhow? Them idiots won't never know?

A commenter at Buzzfeed points out that we are not the audience for this picture. It's for the few undecided voters. "This is for the Joe the Plumber types in Ohio that they still want to woo over. If Mitt only talks to 350 people then he's going to look like a loser. If he talks to 35000 he's on fire."

Of course. It's been pointed out too, by Mike Papantonio, that the famous undecided few aren't really aware of anything at all, of what's been going on in politics for the past however many years. They don't know about the 47 percent recording or the Ryan budget or Bain Capital or Romney's various positions on the issues, and they aren't aware of the few places on the internet where the Romney campaign's photo fraudulence is exposed.

As for the quality of their dishonesty, I can do better than that and so can the Apostle Paul. I'd taken a picture June 30, 2011 at sunrise as I turned off US 491 onto N 5, which is a paved two lane highway that cuts across the Najavo Nation in Northern New Mexico. Subsequently in an August 20, 2011 web log entry I wanted a picture that sort of evoked the road to Damascus from the Biblical fable Paul tells of how Jesus appeared to him on that road, which he certainly must have because Paul had two witnesses, Paul says. It's like the movie Inception. A lie within a fable within a made up book that resulted in a made up religion, Paulism, the nasty, selfish, mean spirited Republican version of Christianity in which the gentleness, self sacrifice and love of the teachings of Jesus, who put the Christ in Christianity, are totally ignored.


The Good iBook Says

I had been having a lot of fun with a free photo editing program that did a lot more than the stripped down version of iPhoto that came on my bottom-of-the-line 2006 model iBook G4 laptop that I bought in 2007 just moments before the new ones with the Intel processor chip were announced. I probably spent most of a day doing that photo editing. During the week I work and sleep and do nothing else. On the weekends I sleep half the time and don't even feel like leaving the apartment. I read things on the internet and once in while crack open a book from my vast library of unread books, and maybe make myself a steak and maybe go out and get some barbecue and bring it back here and eat it. If the Tamale Man comes around i don't even have to do that.

I recently upgraded to a reconditioned 2010 model MacBook Air (no hard drive to go out!) and I started to transfer the photo editor over but then thought to go online and see if there was a newer version, and there is, with a few nice added features. It's a nice free download. It runs in Java, which means it will run on any operating system, I read on the internet. It's called Helios Paint. It's what Mitt Romney uses. I know because he didn't have to pay for it. Rich people and poor people are a lot alike in that way.


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