Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Ronettes - Wikipedia

New additions to my Greatest Rock And Roll Since Moses page. Bill Hayley, The Ronettes, Lonnie Donegan. This is music I've found at It's all in the public domain, which means the copyright has expired, which means it can be downloaded to your computer for free by using the link at each song.

Listen to and record it while you're writing or calling your US senator and member of congress to demand that the US government do something about the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, one of the most densely populated regions on earth, where Israel confines several million Palestinians in an open air prison called the Gaza Strip. Remind them Gazans can't get in or out, thanks to the US backed blockade of Gaza by Israel. Remind them that the US government supplies Israel with all the bombs and rockets and missiles and planes.

Also please remind your senator and representative that Social Security has nothing to do with the federal budget deficit, as Ronald Reagan is seen saying in the post below this one, and demand that they stop perpetuating the falsehood that it does. Remind them also that any of the other earned benefits, or "entitlements" as Democrats insist on calling them and which President Obama is eager to negotiate away, represent a fraction of the federal budget and could easily be paid for if rich people paid their taxes or if the military was reduced to something remotely proportional to the size of even our two closest competitors, China and Russia.

"Both sides agree the best outcome would be a broad deal addressing the overall need for deficit reduction, including reforms to the tax system and entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid."

(Emphasis mine. From CNN.)


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