Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is circulating on Facebook again with some added graphics to kind of of put some perspective to what's going on in Gaza right now. Someone has also posted the photo below to demonstrate how the media is covering it. I listened to the BBC for several hours last night and they went over the story several times and never mentioned that any Palestinians had been killed, let alone Palestinian children. With every repeat it was emphasized that three Israelis had been killed.

It all started when Israel assassinated a Hamas leader in Gaza, with predictable results and the predictable escalating retaliation by Israel. I haven't heard the media yet question the timing, right after the presidential election, which the conservative Israeli prime minster overtly tried to influence in favor of his old friend Republican Mitt Romney -- remember Bibi Netanyahu continually trying to pressure Obama into declaring a "red line" beyond which Iran's nuclear program couldn't go? -- and just as Palestine is preparing to go before the United Nations to request observer status, which Israel, and the United States, vehemently oppose because it would be an official recognition of Palestine's existence.


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