Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dennis Chavez Where Are You?

The story at the top of my Google new page right now reads "after Republicans agreed to take off the table a controversial provision that would have cut Social Security benefits."

It's talking about the provision put on the table by Democratic President Barak Obama, which I wrote about when he did it. They are talking about cuts that wouldn't lower the budget deficit they are supposedly negotiating over, because Social Security is not in the budget and is paid for with our contributions, which I wrote about when Obama offered to cut it. They are talking about the same Social Security program President Obama has gone after repeatedly, which I have written about repeatedly.

Dennis Chavez

Further down in the same Politico story, referring to the CPI, the consumer price index, which is the backhanded way Obama wanted to cut Social Security by not letting it keep up with inflation, it says:

"While Obama backed the chained CPI provision as part of a major deficit package just two weeks ago, Democrats are objecting to including this as part of negotiations on a scaled-down cliff deal. Democrats insist they’ve already given ground on other issues, including raising the threshold for new taxes to around $400,000 annually, as well as showing flexibility on estate taxes, sources said. But Republicans were calling for inclusion of the chained CPI provision in exchange for raising taxes."

How pathetic can one political party be? Democrats, who just won an election, in convincing terms, are giving ground to the minority party, and are "objecting" to something their own president put on the table, which the Republicans are using to extract more tax cuts for the rich.

And the New Mexico Democratic delegation, of course, is nowhere to be seen, as usual. Cowering in their offices until it's all over.

Oh, you can be sure they've polished their new name plates and double checked their new stationary and repeated silently to themselves their new titles followed by their same old names.

I've said it before and I'll repeat it whenever they act like this. Republicans are out there repeating their propaganda over and over. They know how to use the media and aren't afraid to do it. How else could a party that represents the interest of a tiny minority of rich people, that backs positions that are all individually unpopular, retain the power they have for so long?

Never, when any of these contentious issues are before the public, do you see a New Mexico Democrat holding a press conference, giving a speech, attending a rally. They do nothing to mobilize public support for any issue in any way. They don't even use the New Mexico media, which they have quick and easy access to.

I knew who Pete Domeneci was long before I ever moved to New Mexico, because that slick talking rat bag was on TV all the time furthering his party's agenda of taking more and more from the workers and making the rich even richer, and when congress was fighting over a contentious issue he went on the talk shows and made himself available for reporter's questions.

Unlike Jeff Bingaman. He was in the senate for 30 years and no one even knows who he is outside of New Mexico. He kept his mouth shut, got rich up there, he and his lobbyist wife who was paid millions for pushing things the senator voted on, and comes home to universal accolades.

In the 30 years Bingaman occupied a seat in Wahington the Middle Class has been decimated and their children's future has been stolen, and it looks like we can look forward to more of the same for the next 30 because these new members of the New Mexico delegation have learned the Bingaman lesson well.

There once was a New Mexican who went to Washington and used his position as a US Senator to actually fight for working people. He got voting rights legislation passed, brought electricity to rural areas, got money for the education of poor kids. He pushed through the Fair Employment Practices Act. He did these and other things for everyone, including the people of New Mexico, and he justifiably has lots of things named after him. His name was Dennis Chavez and he voted for the bill that created Social Security. We could sure use someone like him now.


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