Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Anonymous On Twitter

I'm trying a new feature on the web log, tweets from Anonymous. It's on the right hand side below the My Blog List.

Anonymous, the Hackitivist group, who I like to think of as the Robin Hoods of the Internet, was recently named RT Television's most influential person of 2012.  That's pretty impressive considering they could have picked Barak Obama or John Boehner, or my greatest influence, Kim Kardashian.

Besides the messages, or "tweets," Twitter users sometimes include links to other things in the messages. If you click on that link it opens up in a new window. I could not set it up to display specific Twitter feeds so I had to use the search term Anonymous and let it come up with what it will so we'll see how that does.

And here are a couple of graphics from Facebook:

A cheap shot but what the heck

Keep in mind that labor creates all wealth

And a couple of photographs I took recently while driving

Dashboard of an International at 70 mph

Dashboard of an International at about 70 mph

Albuquerque, New Mexico


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