Thursday, January 24, 2013

Madame President Hillary

Election 2016 officially began yesterday with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's combative performance before two congressional committees, and the morning Liberal radio talk shows were all about that performance.

Liberals like and support President Obama but are never really sure when he's going to cuddle up to Republicans in congress and sell their interests out, in fact they expect it, so are already looking forward, to a President Clinton II.

It's said that when Hillary walks into a room anywhere in the world there's a buzz. She's been equated to a rock star. It's about her celebrity, and also her intelligence and competence. Her expressions of anger toward Republican congressmen who were trying to score cheap political points at her expense was deliberate and calculated, and shows that she knows how to tap into peoples' angst, about Obama, about the future, about the dead end road Capitalism is headed down.

The disillusionment  will come after the votes are counted in 2016, but until then, Liberals have something to believe in.

Go Hillary!

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