Thursday, January 31, 2013


I signed up for Facebook during the early days of the Occupy Wall Street movement to try to follow the movement. When The Obama Department of Homeland Security coordinated the violent evictions by local police departments of Occupy camps all around the country it practically put an end to the side of the movement the public sees on TV, but most of the Facebook pages of the various Occupy groups have continued on, and many have evolved into having a traditional Leftist political stance, and are posting a steady stream of graphics like these every day. Lately it has exploded into a torrent.

My suggestion is that Democrats sign up for Facebook and get some ideas for how to engage Republicans in the war of ideas, the public debate, which they have been inept at for a long time. Republicans have codified all their positions into succinct sound bite type messages that hit emotional buttons and explain their positions in a way everyone can quickly grasp, as many of what has become a huge outpouring of graphics on Facebook are able to do. Democrats take note. The people are way ahead of you and you are becoming irrelevant.


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