Sunday, February 3, 2013

Live Blogging The Pizza Hut Bowl

As the super star Beyonce performs, perhaps live, perhaps pre-recorded.

I've been meaning to write about an Add On for Firefox called Better Privacy. It detects and deletes the so-called Super Cookies, which are a second generation cookie that isn't detected and deleted when you tell your computer to delete all cookies. Super Cookies also don't expire, so they remain on your computer forever. They gather all kinds of information and send it back to whoever planted it.

Super Cookies are .lso files. If you do a search using .lso you will find all kinds of them and you can safely delete all of them. I have my Better Privacy set to let me know about what it's deleting when I shut my bowser down. You can have it delete them automatically but I wanted to get a screen shot of the notice it gives me.

When it found these 25 LSO, or Super Cookies, I had had the computer on for a day or two. Sometimes it just finds 3 or so after an hour or two browsing, but usually it finds about 7 or 10 of them in after an evening's browsing.

Note: The notice warns you that LSO cookies might contain valuable information, but I've always read that they can be safely deleted, and I have been deleting them for a year or more with no consequence.

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