Sunday, February 3, 2013

Live Blogging The Pizza Hut Bowl

I bought a damn TV so I could watch the damn Super Bowl. I haven't watched one in probably ten years. I used to check into a motel to watch the Super Bowl, but I didn't remember the past few times, and for the past several years I've been driving locally.

I live in an apartment here in Albuquerque and had the cable but was just using it for the internet, so yesterday I went to the K Mart at Central and Atrisco and picked out a 22 inch RCA with a built in DVD player for $209. I had brought a shopping cart with me to carry my TV in, but the girl who unlocked the cables that were fastening it to the all the other TVs lifted my TV up with one hand and put it in the cart.

It was hell getting it to work right. First I had to go get a Comcast control box way over off Griegos, where I had to wait in a long line, and then I had to call Comcast four times and eat up a lot of minutes on my Trac Phone. It still doesn't work right. I have to use two remote controls, one that came with the TV and one that came with the Comcast control box, but I get a good picture and sound.

I have the minimum package. I think it's 67 channels. Last night I watched all of them and all I saw was crap. The only good thing I saw was Mexican boxing. It's regular boxing but the announcer speaks Spanish and is a woman. I watched some highlights, and one fight between what looked like light middleweights, maybe welterweights. Both were good boxers and were pretty much untouched after the ten rounds, but both were barely able to stand. It was a narrow but unanimous decision for this guy.

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