Sunday, February 3, 2013

Military Equipment For The Police

"The police are preparing for an enemy. My question is, ‘Who is the enemy?’”

      Cobb County, GA resident Candace Garrett Daly

A steady trickle of articles in left leaning publications has documented the militarization of local police in America under a program by which the Department of Defense transfers military equipment to local police departments, but a report, summarized here, by the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, hardly a radical rag, on some $200 million in military equipment the DoD recently transfered to police departments in Georgia, provides a snapshot of the nationwide program.

Local police in Georgia recently acquired, according to the Journal and Constitution:

  • One armored truck, 106 M16s and eight M14s for the Cobb County Police Department (in addition to a second armored vehicle purchased using federal grant funds)
  • One armored personnel carrier, 15 M16s and 12 M14s for the Newnan Police Department
  • Two armored personnel carriers and 16 M15 rifles for the Waycross Police Department
  • One armored personnel carrier and 17 M14 rifles for the Cartersville Police Department
  • One helicopter, one armored truck, 11 M16s and five M14s for the Clayton County Police Department
  • One armored personnel carrier for the Doraville Police Department
  • One armored truck for the Georgia Department of Corrections
  • Seven armored vehicles for the Georgia Department of Homeland Security
  • Armored trucks for the Sandy Springs Police Department and Pelham Police Department along with the Gordon, Morgan, Oconee, Pickens and Walton county sheriff’s offices

As we saw when the Obama Department of Homeland Security coordinated the simultaneous, often violent attacks that evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters from their encampments around the country, our rulers will not tolerate even a minimal expression by the public of the latent power it has to question a government it sees as exclusively representing the interests of the rich and powerful.

As we have just seen in hundreds of documents released under the Freedom Of Information Act to Partnership For Civil Justice Fund that revealed vast FBI spying on and infiltration of Occupy groups, our government takes sides. Tea baggers, with their slavish devotion to the Republican Party and to the right of the rich and powerful to accumulate vast amounts of wealth, openly carry weapons at rallies and are never even questioned.

But it's another story if you question the Capitalist system, as the Black Panhter Party leaders learned who were targets of the FBI's COINTELPRO program and who were eventually murdered by FBI agents working with Chicago police.

And as the Occupy Wall Street Movement now knows.

As our federal government continues to beef up local police with military equipment, converting them into attack forces reminiscent of the security forces of distant lands who violently suppress their own people, our government is prepared to do the same thing here.


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