Sunday, February 10, 2013

What A Consumer Can Do

“In the case of the pomegranate juice,” Roosevelt says, “the burden is on the importer to show that the product labeling is accurate.” “Otherwise, the juice is not going to make it into the U.S.”

This is from an article I just got from the FDA that talks about how you can report a product you think isn't what it's label says it is. It gives an example of how juice labeled "100 percent pomegranate juice" actually contained other ingredients and other kinds of juice.

But it's just some juice, right?

Yes, but more than half the medicine people buy in Africa is counterfeit. It's not even medication, or worse.
Chinese children being treated for kidney stones - Reuters
And China has a big problem with people selling counterfeit baby formula, which producers, who now operate under a Capitalist system that has very few regulations in place, load up with other things to increase its protein ratings. Hundreds of Chinese babies have developed kidney stones, have been hospitalized, and some have even died.

The BBC just reported the other night that Chinese who can afford it travel to Hong Kong and stand in hours long lines to buy baby formula they can't trust their government to keep pure and safe, leaving shelves bare in Hong Kong.

This is what free market conservatives want for America, a country where you can't trust what's in your food, or your medicine. It's the kind of America the people who want to to privatize everything want. It's the kind of America those who complain about government always being on the backs of business and who complain about excessive levels of government "red tape" want.

It's the kind of country people want who think that if you can afford it, you get the good stuff, and if you can't, too damn bad for you, and your kids.

Of course, when you get nothing from the media but a steady drum beat of how over regulated business is, and when no one points out how hard it is to get regulations into place when corporations with their deep pockets and powerful lobbying firms are lobbying non stop against them, and when no one ever mentions that there is not one regulation in place that we the people don't want to be there, that there isn't a sound and justifiable and thoroughly debated reason for every regulation that we have, you end up with the current situation, with people believing what Ronald Reagan famously uttered in his second inaugural address, that "government is not the solution, government is the problem.'

Tell that to the parents of a dead baby.

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