Monday, March 11, 2013

A Dangerous Situation

When they resurface highways now in New Mexico the initial layer of blacktop covers both shoulders, but the top layer just extends to the edge of the travel lanes. All of I-40 is like this now as are the newly redone sections of US 491.

It creates a dangerous situation, at least for trucks. If you happen to stray over the white line your tires catch on the drop-off and it jerks the truck toward the ditch. When you correct to get the truck back up over the drop-off it jerks you even more severley and causes the truck to want to fishtail.

When the roads are slick it's difficult to keep the truck going straight when this happens. Owing to the high rate of turnover in trucking, 100 percent per year is the traditional figure given, many of the drivers haven't experienced icy or snow covered roads, let alone having to contend with maneuvers like this. When there's snow covering the road you can't see the white line or the drop-off.


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