Monday, March 4, 2013

Columbian Coffee Farmers On Strike
Strike spreads to truckers, cocoa producers, dairy workers and cane cutters.

Having been battered too long by Neoliberal economic policies that increase their costs while lowering the price they get, farmers who produce iconic Columbian coffee have gone on strike, withholding their coffee beans from market, blocking roads, holding mass marches and fending off police and military forces who have attacked strikers with tear gas and stun grenades, killing one farmer and injuring scores of others.

Columbia's Marxist revolutionary FARC gorillas have declared their solidity with the strikers, according to one source.

The farmers refused an initial offer of modest increases in subsidies offered by President Juan Manuel Santos and the strike continues, even as the Santos government tries to undercut support for the strike by repeatedly telling the media that it's been settled.

With many roads blocked already, truckers were the first to join in the strike, with demands for lower fuel prices.

More on the strike from Prensa Latina,, Hurriyet, Crime Watch, BBC, Reuters and Socialist Worker.




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