Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Success Of New Mexico's Export Business

Because of some taxpayer funded, government programs that many New Mexican businesses take advantage of, New Mexico is one of the top 11 states when it comes to selling stuff to other countries, and those exports create many of our jobs and put billions into our economy.

To repeat: New Mexican business has discovered a gold mine in the export business, because of our government, which helped the businesses get their leads, helped them check out the clients they'd be signing contracts with, helped them through the complex export process, helped with all of it.

You'd never know any of this from listening to any Democratic elected official, who sit back while Republicans make ceaseless, vicious attacks on government and attribute all of our success to the mythic American entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, Democrats even participate in this kind of misrepresentation.

I only know it because I deciphered it from a column in today's Albuquerque Journal by Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade Francisco J Sanchez.

Sanchez says New Mexico's businesses exported $3 billion worth of New Mexican made products to other countries last year. He said that represents double digit growth from 2011.

He provides more statistics showing how New Mexico's exports have gone up dramatically, and then talks about the jobs this creates.

He didn't give any figures for New Mexico but said that nationwide, 9.8 millions jobs are "supported by exports."

Finally, near the end, he mentions that government has something to do with this success.

Sanchez doesn't emphasize the fact that the success of New Mexico's export business is only possible because of the government, like I do, but he could have, and should have, since he works for a Democrat who has to try to get programs through a Republican congress that bolsters any position it takes with an attack on government.

He could have said, to counter the relentless Republican attacks on government, that the boost to New Mexico's economy by government programs to help the export business is one of many small proofs that government can be a force for good.

If Sanchez had done a simple Google search, like I did, he'd know 13.7 percent of all manufacturing jobs in New Mexico rely on exports and that 1,008 New Mexico businesses export things. If he'd done another he'd know that 3,770 jobs rely on the export trade. If he'd done one more he'd know that that number of jobs would just about offset Sandia Labs closing down.

Martin Heinrich, Tom Udall and Michelle Grisham, who remain silent while Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce and The Albuquerque Journal all attack government, could have done a simple Google search, too, but they didn't. They, and the state and local Democratic Parties and every Democratic elected official, might have mentioned, and could have shown, that government has been the most effective collective response we've ever come up with to the problems that have faced us. They might have demonstrated it by way of telling about the startling success of a New Mexican export business that relies on the government to do what it does, but they didn't, unfortunately, for us, and for all the government programs under attack right now that help all of us get through life.


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