Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fekko And Sue

Fekko Ebel Hajo Ebels, a member of the Dutch parliament in the 1920s, above, and below, Susana Martinez, the governor of the state of New Mexico in the US.

I've spent a lot of time in state government offices lately, and Susana Martinez was always staring at me. This picture of her is posted in most New Mexico state offices, and after seeing it for a couple days I began to wonder where she got the idea for bugging out her eyes like that. Then today I happened upon the picture of Fekko Ebel Hajo Ebels, and now I think I might know.

Seriously. I just came across the picture of Mr Ebels and was fascinated by it. As for the governor, besides my distaste for her policies, which are a kind of half thought through mixture of tea bagger and Reaganomics, and besides being put off by her public demeanor, which hasn't changed since her first press conference after being elected when she was openly disrespectful of her predecessor, Bill Richardson, this picture of her puts me ill at ease. There's something unnatural about it. I converted it to black and white for comparison to the Dutch parliamentarian, but the effect of her picture in color is even more striking, and eerie.

At first take it's a very attractive picture of a very attractive woman, but after looking at it awhile, well, decide for yourself. Imagine having her stare at you for hour after hour, day after day while you sit in government offices trying to get what you need from people who'd rather do anything in the world besides give you what you need, all the while realizing that it's all perfectly understandable and that I wouldn't want to give me what I need either.

For more enlightened thoughts about the governor see Jim Baca's Only In New Mexico blog today.


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