Monday, April 8, 2013

Gone At Last

Margaret Thatcher, the main salesman and enforcer of Neoliberalism, Ronald Reagan's daddy, is really most sincerely dead. She joins her favorite student where they both belong, which is gone.

The arrogant old battleaxe did more to harm the lives of more people than anyone else you can name. The decline of living standards for the working class in the West, after they had gained the highest standard of living in the history of the world in the years before she came on the scene, the amazing disparities of wealth and income we have today, the austerity budgets for we the people while the rich enjoy record profits, can all be traced to the ungodly rise of this one woman. Good riddance.

Update: It goes on and on. A few remarks about her by her fellow are recorded in this video and story in the Sydney Herald. Thatcher started the process of privatization of government services and selling off government assets. She called Nelson Mandella a "terrorist." Many people are still suffering the effects of Thatcherism. Neoliberalism began with her.


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