Monday, April 1, 2013

Lower Wages, And Higher Prices, Always
Where Wal Mart comes in wages decline and prices rise, and monopolies in the food chain increase, the author says, citing studies.

A chilling look at the effect of Wal Mart's increasing monopolization of the food chain is making the rounds of some Leftist media outlets and Facebook. In some areas, Stacey Mitchell of Alternet says, such as Springfield, IL, where Michelle Obama stopped by a Wal Mart last week to praise the multi billion dollar megachain's decision to decrease the salt in some of its store brands, half of groceries now come from a Wal Mart.

 No one is benefiting from this but the owners of Wal Mart. Because Wal Mart's big box mega stores drive other stores out of business, employment actually declines wheen Wal Mart comes to town. Small suppliers go out of business or are forced to merge with larger ones. Farmer's get less for their meat, dairy and produce.

At one other time in our history A&P started getting close to having a monopoly on the food chain, Mitchell writes, and the government stepped in and stopped it. Its share was 12 percent of the market. Wal Mart's is 25 percent and growing every day, and in some areas it already has a 50 percent market share.

No lawsuits against Wal Mart by the Obama government, but the president's wife is out there shilling for them.

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