Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nicolas Maduro Elected Venezuelan President - The Revolution Lives!
The Vice-President, a Socialist, Succeeds Chavez in Narrow Victory

Nicolas Maduro - Reuters
When it became apparent it would be a close election you all began checking your favorite internet feeds every few minutes, I imagine, as I did. Initial results are that Chavez' longtime ally and chosen successor won by 1.6 prcent, 50.6 to 49 over second time hopeful Enrique Cariles, the candidate of the oligarchy. Cariles was actually the choice of a coalition of opposition parties but in fact represents the various business interests, and upper class students of private universities.

Maduro, the former bus driver, who was with Chavez from the beginning, has big shoes to fill. There was one Hugo Chavez, with his remarkable abilities to keep the people overwhelmingly on his side and keep a fractious Venezuelan Left together. But Maduro's heart will be in the right place.

It remains to be told why the election turned out to be so close when a week before the election Maduro was comfortably ahead, 10 or 12 points at least, but it will have to be taken into account as the Socialist movement Chavez led for the last 14 years moves ahead.


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