Sunday, April 7, 2013

Summing Up Socialism - Summing Up Capitalism

A guy named Barry from a Facebook page called Being a Socialist wrote this in response to what he called "a libertarian troll who said socialists are 'utopians.'" (A troll is someone who leaves inflammatory comments at a web site where they are not a member and where they disagree with the viewpoint of the group whose web site it is.)

Barry wrote:

"It's not 'utopian' to expect, in the 21st century, that everyone in the human family should have adequate food, shelter, clothing, modern medical care, employment, a living wage, education, clean water, and sanitation. These are not difficult or ridiculous things to ask for -- the money is there, the resources are there. And yet capitalism, in spite of being the dominant global economic system for literally centuries (and completely unchallenged by any rival system until the 20th century), has failed to deliver on these extremely basic things.

I'd add that I don't know where Barry is from, but Capitalism has been the only economic system the United States has ever had, and a big part of America has always been left out. In fact, Capitalism is delivering fewer of those things to fewer Americans than it was in the past.

Poverty was never close to being wiped out and is rising now. The poverty rate is nearly 20 percent and more Americans live in poverty than at any time since the government began keeping figures on it. Fewer people can get good educations now. Even if Obama care is fully implemented, millions will still be without health care.

And the only reason as many people get educations and health care as get them, and that there are not more people in poverty, is because of Socialist programs like Social Security, Medicare and public funding for education. Since Reagan and Thatcher kicked off Neoliberalism 33 years ago we have been moving toward a more pure form of Capitalism, where more and more is privatized and fewer and fewer have the basic things, and where ultimately, only the rich will have them.


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