Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There's been a lot of talk in Leftist media about the death of Margaret Thatcher and a good deal of internal debate over whether Leftists should be so celebratory about it. I argued on Facebook that she's a symbolic figure and responsible for so much change for the worse that her death is subject to a different standard. The respect she might be due is far outweighed by the need to remember and record and remind people about the global hardship she has caused for millions upon millions of working people. She is literally the face of Neoliberalism. This case has been well made by others, and her many other nefarious actions and policies have been pointed out also.

There's also been some discussion about the difference in the way the media treated the deaths of Thatcher and Hugo Chavez. I know that national public radio this morning spent a lot of time maximizing her virtues and minimizing her faults. But the complaints are not just from the Left. Fox News and its ilk are complaining that Thatcher is being trashed in the media whereas Chavez was praised too much. 

The picture above was posted on the Facebook page of Social Justice Network and has been reposted by many others. There was widespread grief over the death of Hugo Chavez by the millions of people who, notwithstanding the biased accounts of him in the media,  knew what he had done. You haven't seen anything corresponding to that for Thatcher, and won't.


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