Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drink Union Made Beer

This was posted on the Teamster's Union Facebook page. I don't drink any more, but if I did I'd have one of each.



  1. How ya doin' Frank? I'm surprised Anheuser Busch is still union. New management has been relentless in their pursuit of efficiencies and cost cutting. There have been many articles written in business publications about how long time consumers feel that the taste of Bud (and several of the branded beers in owned by the company) have actually changed for the worse. They point to the use of lower quality hops and malt. Management and shareholders don't care because profit is through the roof. All of this is good news for the craft beer market however because it creates even greater differentiation between mass market product and small batch beer.

  2. Doing not too bad Kev, thanks for the comment.

    Yikes. I did not know this. I guess we could buy some good craft beer and drop it off at the union hall.