Wednesday, May 8, 2013

End Is Nearer

First Albuquerque, then Holbrook (see below), now Gallup. I think this shows, in this world controlled by computers, how utterly close to chaos we are.

Out Of The Cobwebs Of My Memory

For some reason Sonny James crossed my mind today. I used to hear some of his songs, especially his big crossover hit Young Love, on the radio when I was younger on oldies stations but I can't remember last time I heard one. Sonny James was huge in the late 50s to early 70s, racking up 16 number one country singles in a row during one stretch, which is still a record depending on how you count them. There's a discussion about this controversy at his Wikipedia page.

The decisions about what gets played on the radio nowadays are far removed from disc jockeys and program managers and are made in the corporate offices of Clear Channel, which has entirely almost ruined radio and whose executives should all be lined up and shot.

So I looked and sure enough, several people have posted collections of Sonny James songs at

A Big Collection

Almost As Big Of One

I have not checked these out with headphones but the I'm familiar with the person who uploaded the first one, who should be made a saint he has uploaded so much music, and they may be from various sources. If you are looking for high quality recordings you can also check some single Sonny James songs that have been downloaded. All, remember, are free to download because they are in the public domain, i.e., the copyright has expired.

I saw Sonny James once at the LaPorte (IN) County Fair. This would have been the late 60s when big names in country music routinely played the county fair circuit. All I remember about it was that Sonny played the fiddle on one song -- over his head, between his legs, behind his back -- and that we were all highly impressed who had come to see him, including my buddy Kevan Raff who had come with me grudgingly and ended up admitting that he had enjoyed the show.

It was outdoors at night. I remember that setting, in the middle of the big field with the dirt track going around you and the ferris wheel in the background and the kids excited voices and the smell of the fair food and cotton candy and all of that fading away when the stage lit up.

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