Monday, May 20, 2013

Left Wing Radio Stations

The Right controls the airwaves and controls public discourse in the country. Led by Clearchannel's 1,200 and some stations, radio is one, if not the prime vehicle by which Rush Limbaugh and the Lesser Republicans have been able to swamp the national consciousness with a one sided argument for conservatism. Practically everyone spends time in their car, where there's always a radio to listen to, and radio continues to be an important medium for the exchange of ideas. Unfortunately, Capitalism being what it is, and telecommunication deregulation being what it's been, the ideas getting exchanged right now come mainly from the Right.

Knowing this, perhaps, a guy named Paul Green started (now added to my blog list) where you can look up, according to where you are, and find yourself some Left Wing radio to support and enjoy. There's almost always at least one left leaning station in any larger market, but even places as small as Taos, NM are apt to have one.

The Left Wing Radio Stations site is one of those attractive, intelligently designed web sites that's easy and actually fun to navigate. It also includes links to some Leftist web based radio. I've found some interesting programs on web based radio that help pass the driving hours and keep me well informed at the same time. Many stations on the site, over the air and web based, make most of their programming downloadable as podcasts, so they can be gotten into an mp3 player somehow, either as a playlist or through iTunes itself if they are listed there, which many are, so you can listen to left wing radio even when you're not in range of a left wing radio station.

KABQ AM1350, which airs the Liberal lineup of Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhoades, Norman Goldman, etc. every day right here in Albuquerque (and on Saturday airs the excellent and radically leftist Ring of Fire show with Mike Papantonio and Robert Kennedy Jr) is on the site. All the Pacifica stations, which I'm always promoting, are on the site. Many of those little gems of community stations you come across randomly out on the road sometimes are on the site.

These stations do need our support. They need it so they can survive, and so we can start to make a dent in the oversized arguing power the right has had for way too long now. Check out Left Wing Radio Stations and get started.


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