Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life In America

Life, in America, is cheap.

In England, the two suspects in yesterday's brutal murder of an active duty solider are in the hospital, after being shot by members of a rapid response team. The police showed up having been told the men were armed, with knives, a meat cleaver and a gun.

In Albuquerque, police have killed at least 17 people over the past three years. Many of them were unarmed. One had a butter knife. One had a pair of pliers in a holder on his belt.

In Florida yesterday, FBI agents were questioning a man in relationship to the Boston Marathon bombing in his home when they say he grabbed a knife. They shot him dead.

Again, in England, the police took out their guns and wounded two armed men. Here, whether someone is armed or not, whether they are mentally ill or not, police take out their guns and kill them. In situations where law enforcement has the upper hand, has the person surrounded, has the training and the ability to disable or disarm a suspect, they pull out their guns and kill them, because in America, life is cheap.

In America we love our death penalty and our guns and our military and our police. We kill each other at rates that leave the rest of the world in the dust. We kill foreigners in foreign wars by the millions. Our police have open license to kill.

The district attorney in Albuquerque has never brought charges against a single cop who killed an unarmed person. Never.

In America, life is cheap. America is cheap.


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