Sunday, June 16, 2013

Buenos Papás

The National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON) has been posting and sending out nicely done Father's Day greetings that combine the holiday message with one about the effect deportations have on families. Here are eight that just came in a NDLON email update.

The Obama Administration has deported a record number of the undocumented, often creating extreme hardships to families. Sometimes one or both parents end up on one side of the border, kids on the other. After the notorious Obama ICE raids of factories, children have come from school to find their parents gone, not knowing one or both parents are in jail and already in the deportation pipeline.

In the face of the record Obama deportations, advocacy groups like NDLON, No More Deportations and No Papers No Fear, have stepped up their efforts, which often include undocumented people putting their freedom on the line in high profile civil disobedience actions.

As the corporate media works overtime to restore the damage done by the NSA scandal to the president's image as the smiling, nicer than GW Bush face of capitalist imperial power, the extent to which this president is a hypocrite remains largely unknown. People don't know about the record deportations. The vengeance with which he has gone after whistleblowers (which he promised as a candidate to protect) remains unknown. He's allowed corporations to despoil the environment and not only has done nothing about global warming, he's blocked international efforts to address it. The way he's catered to the rich, to the Wall Street and banking elites, while millions remain out of work, millions are evicted, and millions more labor on in insecurity, is ignored or shrugged off.

Happy Father's Day to the undocumented fathers lucky enough to still be with their families today.


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