Monday, June 3, 2013

Democrats? Hello!

Economics 101. Plain and simple. Forget about the record market. That's all going to the one percent. Wages haven't gone anywhere. Unemployment remains high, which makes sure that wages won't go anywhere.

Left out of the cartoon are the politicians, what they are not doing to help people who are out of work, don't make enough to pay the bills, are behind on their mortgages, have lost their houses. Democrats in congress and the White House who are still slashing the budget deficit on the backs of working people and retirees. Democrats who are cutting social programs.

If you look at our local Democrats' web sites and Facebook pages they are full of nothing but visits to this or that uncontroverisal photo op. Salutes to brave firefighters, good students, farmers. Not one of them will do or say one thing that might offend one potential voter, or, more to the point, one donor. You won't hear one of them point out the causes of working peoples' economic problems, or do a single thing that might stir those people from their stupor long enough to get organized, get out in the streets, get angry, get powerful.

One of these gutless pissants, Tom Udall, a New Mexico senator who calls himself a Democrat, was caught the other day giving a talk to the the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. The content of this speech was sickening enough, his stroking them with that myth that they are the "job creators." Or maybe Udall believes that. Maybe he wants us to believe it. Maybe he's too damn stupid to know that consumer demand is what creates jobs. That no business is ever going to hire anybody unless they think there are going to be people lined up to buy the good or service the new hire is going to be paid to produce. That we the people, the ones who buy the stuff, are the job creators.

But if that wasn't bad enough -- a so-called Democrat sucking up to the Republican base, of Democratic Bernalillo County, promising them he would "continue to fight for the New Mexico business community in Washington" -- think about the people Udall didn't stop and see while he was in town on his knees at the Chamber of Commerce. The unions, the workers on the docks right down the street from the comfortable chamber ball room and in the dozens of stuffy little factories and shops around town, the students and activists who, unlike him, have nothing, but put what little they do have on the line to try to do what he's too cowardly to do.

Udall didn't stop and see the retired people who are anxiously waiting to see just how much they'll have to suffer, after he and Obama and Heinrich and Grisham and Lujan and the rest of them get done giving a big chunk of the retirement and health care trust funds they paid into their whole lives to the already filthy rich.

(Note: The Chamber of Commerce, recall, is the one that immediately comes out against anything that might benefit workers. They are knee jerk against any attempt, for example, to raise the minimum wage. They fight with all their power and influence and money against any effort to remove the many legal barriers to union organizing. A union, remember, is a group of people who organize to promote the interests they hold in common, and the Chamber of Commerce is the biggest union of them all. This is who Udall, who refuses to do anything to get the Employee Free Choice Act passed, which would remove some of those many barriers to organizing for us, we the people, was slobbering over.)


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