Sunday, June 9, 2013

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, who leaked the NSA documents to Glenn Greenwald, talks to Greenwald about why he did it. He talks about how, during his time in the military, at the CIA, and now working for an NSA contractor, he watched as the president and US intelligence services amassed unto themselves vast unchecked power, and how came to believe that if someone didn't expose it, our democracy was in danger.

This will be the most extensive interview there will be with Snowden, and it might be the last time we ever hear from him before the government gets him and starts destroying his reputation, and that's a pity. He's a remarkable guy.

Edward Snowden screen shot by The Guardian

There's an article based on the interview and also a video of Greenwald interviewing Snowden.

Glenn Greenwald is an American citizen and constitutional lawyer living in Brazil with his male partner who writes a regular column for the Guardian. He often writes about whistleblowers and their persecution by the US government. He appears often on the Pacifica program Democracy Now. His latest appearance, linked to on the Democracy Now web site front page, came just after he broke the NSA domestic spying story, with documents given to him by Snowden, before Snowden went public.


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