Saturday, June 29, 2013


I'm always criticizing New Mexico's Democratic federal congressional delegation for not using the podium they've been given to inform and mobilize the working people they were elected to serve and to increase public support for policies in working peoples' interests by engaging conservatism in the war of ideas. A few people, like Bernie Sanders, a Socialist senator from tiny Vermont, have become nationally known figures by doing so, and are listened to, respected and loved by many around the country despite being made light of at times by the corporate media and political establishment.

One has to wonder whether the reticence of New Mexico's DC Democrats to be like Bernie has more to do with their need for official respect, or whether they really do believe in conservatism but are playing it coy just to get elected.

The one possible exception, first term 1st District congress member Michelle Grisham, is off and on. Sometimes you hear the same witheringly banal political jargon the rest of them use to communicate with their constituents, which always includes "standing up for the middle class," the sole purpose of which is to suggest they're on your side while leaving them free to vote any way they please on anything they please. I promote her when she does something noteworthy and surprising, as I do at the end of the post below, but she's no Bernie Sanders and no Elizabeth Warren. This might be because she is new to the position and feeling her way or it may not. We can help her along and influence her.

Once in awhile you'll see something like her use of the term "European-style austerity" to describe sequestration, which was in an otherwise pretty banal fundraising email I received this morning. Leftists use the term "austerity" when talking about what the corporate media usually calls "reform." It's Neoliberalism on steroids, and the intent of calling it "reform" is to divert attention from it's harmfulness. It's reaching for me to think this means she has a point of view like mine or that I can expect to hear more like this. The audience of the fundraising appeal is less the general public and more die hard Democrats. But at least she's heard of the word austerity. She could have used another word but didn't. What else is there to be hopeful about? Please tell me.



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