Monday, June 3, 2013

New Mexico Democrats And Social Security

From Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) senate web site:

Sen. Bernard Sanders is hailing a new report on the Social Security program as supporting his conclusion the program is not going broke. Trustees of Medicare and Social Security reported Friday the programs have enough money to stay afloat until 2026 in the case of Medicare and 2033 in the case of Social Security.

“Social Security can pay out every benefit owed to every eligible American over the next 20 years. Despite our right-wing friends’ assertions, Social Security is not going bankrupt. It is not in crisis,” Sen. Sanders told Ed Schultz on MSNBC on Sunday

Try looking at the web sites of Martin Heinrich, Tom Udall, Ben Lujan or Michelle Grisham, New Mexico's Democrats in Washington. There's nothing about the report on any of them.

With the exception of Grisham's, there's nothing on them that would make you think any one of them is a even a Democrat.

Marty Heinrich brags about how he asked the federal government to keep a border crossing open longer.

Benny Lujan brags about how he's helping business.

Tommy Udall is using the power and prestige of his office to try to cut down on high school football injuries.

Michelle Grisham at least posts a speech she made about equal pay for women, and tells why she voted against the farm bill, which has cuts to food stamps in it, although you'd have to know it cuts food stamps. She doesn't shout that from her headline, like she should.

So why do these congress members, members of a party whose leader, Barak Obama, has offered to cut Social Security and Medicare, and who, since he's been in office, has perpetuated the myth that Social Security is responsible for federal budget deficits, have nothing to say about the good news that Social Security and Medicare are doing very well.

Why have they never pointed this out before? Why have they sat on their asses while everyone spreads the lies that these programs are in crises? I know they're not in crises. I've posted and posted and posted that they are not. They must know. Why do they let the lie continue?

Only one conclusion is possible. These folks don't give a damn if Social Security and Medicare get cut. That's a certainty, and it may well be that they want them to get get, and when seniors suffer, so what?

How much more pathetic can it get?


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