Sunday, June 30, 2013

This is Nick Hanauer. I've expressed this sentiment on the web log a few times, maybe not as succinctly. Nick Hanauer talked about this in one of those TED Talks, a syndicated program that's broadcast over KANW, one of our public radio stations here in Albuquerque, but his talk was held back by the TED Talk people, wasn't aired because it was too "controversial." KPFA, the Pacifica Radio station in Berkeley, CA, then broadcast it. That's where I heard it, on a podcast.

Demand creates jobs. Our demand. No business person would hire a bunch of people, have them make a bunch of stuff, then hope he could sell it. They need orders first. People coming into stores and wanting the stuff. Then they hire people. They're not foolish with their money.

Why don't elected Democrats say this? Why do let the lie stand that "job creators" create jobs? Why do they help perpetuate it?

Probably for the same reason they won't stand up and say, "President Obama will cut Social Security over my dead body."

Probably because it's easier not to think about the consequences of their actions. Easier to send out emails and make fine sounding speeches that don't commit themselves to anything, make pronouncements about how they're fighting for the middle class. Easier to stay in good standing with who they really serve. Be accepted by the political establishment they are a part of, and the elites from that part of American society that doles out the things we need in this country to feel good about ourselves, to feel a measure of self esteem, feel like we're successful. The part that doles out our titles, our houses, our cars, our name in the paper, our standing, our status, our idea of who we are. Based not on what we know but on what we feel, what we've absorbed, what we want.

It's that part of ourselves, that we let get in there, that's nurtured by our desires and our fears, that we don't have the "balls", as a guy I know puts it, to stand up to, to struggle and fight against, to overcome.


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