Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Truth On Trial

The court martial trial of whistleblower Bradley Manning is underway at Fort Meade, MD. You can follow the trial by clicking on the Bradley Manning Support Network on the right side of this page.

You might not see much about this trial in the Capitalist media. As I emailed a friend this morning:

I was listening to the national public radio on the way back to Albuquerque. Through two newscasts and an hour of newsy non news no mention of Bradley Manning. They mentioned the court martials of Sgt Bailes and Nadal Hassan a couple times each. Those were mass murdering and not mass whistleblowing. They mentioned the trial of Whitey Bulgur, an old mass mafia junior figure no one knew about until the mass media decided to make him a mass celebrity.

There was an extended report lamenting the declining popularity of Juan Carlos, King of Spain. No one knew Spain had a king until today. Spain didn't know. Juan Carlos didn't know. He thought he was the Burger King. There was an extended report on where to put your savings because it's losing value in the bank -- no wait, this was only the latest instillation in the series 'where to park your savings because it's losing value in the bank.'

Sad story, public media in this country. They don't have an independent source of income, is their main problem, I think. I've written about NPR on my web log a couple of times of late. They have to cater to corporations, Republicans and their audience.

That's their audience though, people who have to worry about their money losing its value in the bank. People who would lament the declining popularity of a king. Zero stories today about people who have no money, who are losing their houses, who would enjoy seeing Juan Carlos have sex with a donkey.

 Bradley Manning is on trial for telling the truth.


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