Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday 5:27 a.m.

As I write this, Edward Hayden is over Russian air space with Wikileaks legal advisors, final destination unknown, and President Obama is pacing the Oval Office in his pajamas with a phone in each hand I would imagine.

I write this to say that if you have listened carefully to what Hayden has said, and few in the media have -- they quickly turned to the president and the intelligence services to get their instructions -- you'll recall that he said there would be more revelations, and big ones. Well, the first has emerged. The NSA has been keeping information it collects on us, not destroying it in many cases, despite what the president and the spy chiefs and our compliant congress and lapdog media have been telling us, and despite what the law says. The small amount of coverage of this has been drowned out by the worried speculation about whether China would interfere with America's right to bring Hayden back here to be hanged and shot and dismembered and then tortured and interrogated and put on trial.

Most of the little that's been said about the NSA keeping data focuses on them using an exception to the law to keep encrypted data until it can be unencrypted, but that's just one of many excuses they can and do use to keep the data permanently.

Stay tuned. And if you believe one word of what the government says about all this, you're probably in for some more surprises. 

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