Monday, July 1, 2013

Didn't They Tell Us They Were Only Writing Down The Phone Numbers?

"It means they're storing every call and have the capability to listen to them at any time, and it does mean that they're collecting millions upon million upon millions of our phone and email records," said Glenn Greenwald in a preview of upcoming leaks.

Revelations about NSA spying are coming out faster than the US media can find someone in government to deny them. The biggest ones are coming from the foreign press -- which unlike the US media isn't conditioned to rally around the US power structure -- and quickly get circulated around the world via social media.

As a German diplomat, who made no effort to conceal his sadness over revelations that the US views his country no differently than it does its enemies, pointed out to BBC World Service last night, most of the eavesdropping the US is doing has nothing to do with terrorism or security.

Our rulers tell us they've foiled 50 plots against the US through their data mining and it makes headlines. Then they come up with two examples, and those make headlines. Then it's pointed out those were old cases that were solved by traditional police work, but who knows about that? Amost no one.

It's pointed out that the Boston fusion center, one of the new Homeland Security Department's secret super centers that combine all the secret police from all the federal, state and local law enforcement and spy agencies, was spending most of its time spying on peaceful US citizens who were protesting corporate greed or war or environmental destruction, and missed the warnings about the Boston Marathon bombings. So what?


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