Saturday, July 6, 2013

God And Drugs

A picture posted on a Facebook site called Sexy Atheists and some of the comments people left.

  • Good trade.
  • Anyone else notice how that bus is about to tip over?
  • Meh, when god comes into our schools, thinking gets kicked out the window...the second floor window.
  • Sounds like a good deal.
  • How about that torpedo bra?
  • it happened to me!!!
  • Wait, weren't drugs already in schools? I thought religion was an opiate.
  • Sounds like a deal
  • And now everyone is smiling and happy about school! Yay drugs!
    Jesus sold the best weed!
  • These kids obviously didn't get the memo: drugs make you see god.
  • Or as I call it, a win-win
  • That's all it takes to keep god away? I guess I better start taking drugs then.
  • Thank you, drugs. They're much simpler to phase out than religious bullshit.
  • god isn't everywhere?
  • God actually leaves when there's a problem? What a dick.

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