Monday, July 8, 2013

Waiting For Godot

If you troll the official web sites and Facebook pages of New Mexico's Democratic delegation to Washington you'll see nothing about massive government wiretapping of US citizens, nothing about gutting the Voting Rights Act or the immediate thereafter moves by six or seven Republican state legislatures to limit voting. All you see is pablum calculated not to offend any potential campaign donors or anyone who might ever possibly vote for them.

I've been waiting for months for one of them to stand up and oppose the president's plans to cut Social Security and Medicare, or come out against him using drones to assassinate people who haven't been charged with anything or seen a lawyer or had a trial, or point out that a lot of those drone strikes are murdering civilians, hundreds of them so far.

I don't know why no one from the media in New Mexico has gotten any of them on the phone and made them go on the recored about anything.

While we're waiting, here's some things I saw on Facebook.

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