Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Day, Another Lie

Machiavelli said that if a ruling oligarchy has nothing to fear, it will be a criminal organization. 

We're seeing proof. Spying on US citizens in blatant violation of Fourth Amendment, assassinations on the word of the president, the forcing down of the Bolivian's president's plane, trying to bully the Russians into handing over an asylum seeker protected by US and International law.

A government that allows bankers who stole trillions to walk the streets openly, invites them to the White House, names them to cabinet positions.

Days after a government official claimed the NSA "touches" 1.6 percent of internet traffic, the Wall Street Journal reports that it was a lie. It's 75 percent. Whistleblowers even before Edward Snowden were saying the NSA was scooping up 100 percent of our communications.

Now the Journal, before that the Washington Post, before that the New York Times -- not The Guardian or some Left Wing alternative rag but the three most important papers in the country -- have called the government out on its lies.

The government claims it had nothing to do with the illegal arrest and detention of Glenn Greenwald's partner. Just like it wasn't behind the downing of Evo Morales' plane.

Notice the escalation. Morales is a head of state. People take him seriously. He can embarrass the United States. He can make it harder for  the US to do what it does. But Glenn Greenwald's partner is just an average citizen.

One of us. Notice the escalation?

They know it will make the news. They want it to. They want us to take heed.

At least you can say you're witnessing history. The nation built more than any other on the ideals of freedom and civil liberties is headed in the opposite direction, fast. The American public isn't going to rise up and stop it, either. The ones who would lead the uprising, the youth, students, have been turned into debt slaves, in need of jobs. Economic insecurity permeates the country. It's not like the last time, the 1960s, when we were affluent, before the Middle Class was gutted, when college kids didn't worry about the future. Remember when we were a nation where every generation did better than their parents?

It's taken 40 years to get from there to here. A gradual series of events. Remember them? How about the war on the "Liberal media"? Media used to criticize government. Remember Vietnam? Remember how they drove a lying president from office? By the time of Gulf War I they were cheerleaders for war. In Gulf War II they were "embedded" with government. The media no longer use the word "lie." They say things like "misleading."

When Jacob Appelbaum, the developer of the TOR project, private browsing and email, was being stopped in airports and having his laptops confiscated, it didn't make the news. When independent journalist Laura Poitras, who has worked with Wikileaks and Greenwald, was having hers confiscated, it didn't make the news. Things are happening quickly now. Another day, another lie. Another truthteller goes to prison. Another meta data center opens up and starts silently recording where we go, who we talk to, what we buy, when we do everything we do. Another average guy has his cell phone and computer confiscated.

The ruling oligarchy has been testing the waters. Know it knows. It has nothing to fear. Not the media. Not the Democrats. Not the people. No one. Nothing. They know they can do whatever they want now, and they're doing it, and they know that you're not going to stop them.


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