Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fearless Leader

One of our five member New Mexico delegation to Washington has uttered a statement about Syria, which has occupied the news cycle for the past week. Senator Tom Udall has assured us that he will be "evaluating the evidence and policy options as well as listening closely to the opinions of New Mexicans." The senator posted two statements on Facebook in short succession, which are combined into one statement on his web site:

Nothing yet from Martin Heinrich, Ben Lujan, Michelle Grisham or Steve Pearce, and the Albuquerque Journal has graciously chosen to not bother any of them with pesky questions about the future of the world while they are on summer vacation.

Tom Udall has actually been getting himself heard more of late. Whether this is because newly elected representative Michelle Lujan Grisham has been using the podium she's been given to singlehandedly fill the huge vacuum left by the silence of everyone else, or whether he has other considerations, I do not know.

But as far as molding public opinion, or doing anything to counter the pro-corporate, anti-Labor, Neoliberal agenda established by Conservatism over the past 30 years, all our delegates to Washington taken together have had about as much influence as I have. About zero.


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