Thursday, August 1, 2013

Take Note

Take note of what happens when you expose the crimes committed by the United States government. Those who committed the crimes will put you in a cage, torture you and slander you in public. They will put you on trial using secret evidence and go on to commit more crimes, and stand before you and call America the greatest country on earth.

Take note of what happens to those who expose the crimes committed by the United States government, because they are not persecuted for their sake, or for the sake of the government, but for yours.

Take note. Remember what can happen. Take care of what you say. Take care of what you write. Take care of what you think. Don't end up like them.



  1. I accept your challenge!

  2. Totally disagree with your support of these guys. Especially Snowden who fled to a country with horrible civil rights record. Manning was serving in the military when these docs were released. That is not good. And Assange is a sociopath. And I am a leftie.

    1. Thank for for that comment. To be fair to you I will say that I support the people pictured. In the case of Snowden, and taking the media's portrayal of Russia's human rights record at face value, it makes no difference what Russia's human rights record is. And that's assuming he had a choice of where he fled to, and I don't think he did. Manning serving in the military is also immaterial as far as his obligation as a human or as a soldier to expose wrongdoing. As for Assange I've not seen any evidence to support that charge.

      To be fair to my post, it doesn't have to do with my support or not of these people. It's saying that they are being used as examples for your and my benefit. The people going after them know full well the chilling effect going after them has, and that that is a separate issue from national security, and that the framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights knew these were separate issues and had the distinction in mind when they explicitly wrote civil liberties into those documents and attempted to limit the power of government in that regard. The post is saying that since the Administration knows all this very well, it therefore is intentionally suppressing dissent.

      Maybe I should have been more explicit. If I had known the extent to which the media and the national security apparatus including the administration have been successful in demonizing whistleblowers I might have tried to counter that.

      What these guys are is one thing. What they expose is another thing. The administration and media intentionally try to blur the two things and conflate them, to take attention away from what was exposed and as a way of justifying what was exposed.